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Friday, June 13, 2014

My "Reunion with Running"

This is more of an AboutME post, instead of a recipe or research on food or diet...but I still wanted to share. If this doesn't interest you...feel free to ignore!

But this past Saturday I did my first race since having baby. My mom came and stayed with us so that my husband and I could do the Taste of Louisville 12k, and I have to say, it felt amazing!
It was a beautiful morning and it was probably one of the best races I could have done to start my "reunion with running," a phrase that my husband proudly said, as he snapped this picture of me at the start line.

And running with a stroller and a dog on a leash has definitely helped me get into shape. While most runs take me anywhere from 10-11 minutes per mile, according to my Nike+ app, I was able to do this race with an average pace of 9:33 per mile (still about a minute slower than my pre-baby pace, but I'm really not complaining!).  I also noticed that I felt a LOT stronger on hills; I guess pushing a stroller really does add some resistance training into my runs.

My FitBit numbers for the day were also fantastic! After the race, we all checked out the Taste of Louisville, and I have to say, it will probably be something that we'll do again in the future.

But, overall, I think doing this race was exactly what I needed to help me build confidence in the fact that I can and I AM getting back into shape :)

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